(point of view or a vague panorama of a loved one…)

…quite resourceful, even under sword of damacole had an idea not to just remain confident and optimistic, but also be humorous and make fun of the most tragic disasters that would afflict most of other folks.

Faith to his own endeavor, innovation and of course undeniable trust to omnipotent god, these were his real assets.(stock in trade).

Iran of his area was under intense royal cruelty in which religious thoughts and participation in spiritual rites were assumed as superstitious by state-media.(before Islamic revolution of 1979)

In such a stunt-stricken society, his family (including antecedents)  was devoted to Islamic conventions .what's more fidelity and esteem to religious orders were the most conspicuous character of his family.

Obligation to morality and supplication to public welfare were the undeniable segment of  MORTAZA's personality, it was all what he inherited from his forefathers, and it should be mentioned that  these were among the fundamental item of his parents disciplinary agenda which originated from sacred Islamic beliefs.


His mother's (my grandy)  anecdotes of his teenage-hood memories mostly concentrated on his eyes gazing and glittering at planes crossing overhead.

but how she could foresee the fact that it would be harbinger of his life-time profession.

In other words Infinite eagerness for elevation, height and flight obsessed his mind, maybe all these were a hint for deliverance from mundane affairs.

 Days of teenage-hood  is supposed to be a period of daydreaming, and unsatisfying desire for hide and seek or soccer, and MORTAZA  was no exception but beside all these painting with some tools he just got and drawing landscapes and portrait of whatever and whoever attracted him filled space of nuance and distinction between he and others, and in an unbelieving phenomenon lead to winning the world prize in teenagers painting contest which was held in Canada.(second stage)

a delicate margin of this event (he gifted his medal to his mother as a sign of gratitude to  whom he owed his hillary nature to.)

By beginning of devastating war and threat of enemy occupation he couldn’t stand the disreputation of islam slavery by some hypocrite filthy scoundrels.

So without any hesitation saluted to IMAM-KHOMEINI's all-out summon for JIHAD (holy defense) and headed toward warzone.


Wounded several times in different parts of body but quite reluctant to reveal his jagged wounds or using them as a privilege.(lovely souvenirs)

SEPAH naval army of ASHURA is considered as memorial to to his enterprise and martyrdom.(the unit he served as naval commander during war).


After IMAM KHOMEYNI's ceasefire command, MORTAZA  resumed his education and got the scholarship in flight engineering field.

 Graduation with high scores and begining  of his professional career in SEPAH air authority, meant he had achieved a lifetime ambition. But it was not the end of the story!


Attendıng several especıal courses in different euroupian countries quallıfıed hım for flıght wıth FALCON, a glamorous plane which he had chosen for ascending to height of heaven, and maybe it wasn't the FALCON itself that was desirable for him, it was the destination of the FALCON and it's passengers like SARDAR KAZEMI (and others)  that fascinated him more.(god bless all of them)


TEHRAN-URUMIEH-TEHRAN flight did not have a come back return, and altered to TEHRAN-URUMIEH-HEAVEN, not by FALCON, but on wings of angels.


The visit with supreme leader of Islamic republic of  AYATOLLAH KHAMENEI and his condolence to MORTAZA’s two amazing sons SINA and MOBIN  and his faithful SPOUSE was the best remedy for their loss.


Uncle MORTAZA's martyrdom not only wasn't a loss or tragedy for us, but a  blessing, cause we believe  he was chosen to settle in GOD's neighborhood.



With supplication to MORTAZA BASIRI’s spirit,

And condolence to his family for their loss.

  "Cowards die times before their death,
the valiant never tastes of death b
ut once"


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